1. Sometimes

From the album Touch

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Sometimes I feel folded like a piece of paper
Dirty with the fingerprints of unrepentant hands
Who never, ever think about the words of love inside me
'Cos it’s all so plain and simple that no-one understands

Sometimes I feel congested, like peak hour in the city
Choking on the petrol and the diesel and the dust
And I sit and marvel how we all could be so stupid
And I want to leave my vehicle and let it turn to rust

And I wish I had your confidence
I wish I had your smile
I wish I had your joie de vivre
Your innate sense of style
And I wish I had your body near me
Warming up my nights
Sayin’ ooh babe, baby it’s alright

Sometimes I feel miniscule just like an amoeba
Floating on a plate of glass watched by unseen eyes
And I feel so cold and lonely in that instance of existence
That I wonder if someone’s watching me up above the skies


Perhaps there are no solutions, perhaps just other questions
Maybe there’s a meaning to my solitary life
And I know there are no guarantees, there’s just the pain of living
Perhaps there are no solutions, maybe there’s just life.